Alison Angel

First Impressions

Well, I tell you guys, the first impression is quite important, and mine was of the kind OMG! Even the first page of Alison Angel’s site leaves you speechless. These starry eyes, blonde hair and a peachy rack make you ache for more – and the promises are just alluring.

Hot Promises

Even before you go for the tour you will be able to see the latest of the Alison’s updates with quite good text comment to go with it. If it makes you want more, it also tells you how much more to expect inside. Isn’t it great?


From the moment Alison takes you on the tour through her website, you can sense that it has a personal feel to it. So it makes you believe that the cover will correspond to the filling. And now, that I have given this site a try for myself, I can confide to you that you wouldn’t be disappointed once you’ve entered the member’s area! I gonna give you a hint at what to expect inside.

Well, once I noticed at the tour page the rows of pics resembling these glossy magazines’ covers I kept wondering what they were. Now, I know that those are the ads for all Alison’s updates, so you can visualize the content you’re about to see inside. It’s quite unusual, and I really liked the idea! In the member’s you’ll find the same “covers” advertising every single picture set and videos. Gosh! There are quite a number of them to keep you occupied. By the way, the updates are made every 3 or 4 days with a photoset and a video to go along. So it takes quite a lot of time to go through all the content!

The quality of all photos and video clips is impeccable! All the pictures are of 700x1070 pixels in size, so they won’t ever look obscure, crystal clear quality is guaranteed with any size of a monitor! It’s still more amazing as none of the images undergoes any airbrushing or color changes, you get them as they were shot! Now, all the videos are fully downloadable and of excellent quality too, being 640x480 in resolution they give you the feeling as if you’re watching them on TV. Check some samples on the tour page and see it yourself!

Besides the sets, there are several sections inside Alison member’s area and they’re also advertised on her FAQ page. So, if you like to get to know this blonde girl closer you may look through her private Journal which she keeps updated with her life stories and funny adventures. For more fun you can check her Playground section with some personal vids and pics. You can also meet all the girls Alison loves to play with and if you still need more personal information or would like to ask some questions, you can email the girl directly or use her message board to leave some comments.

If you want to know, what kind of stuff exactly you gonna find inside, then let Alison give you a clue: "My shoots involve fashion, nudes, toy play, masturbation, and some unique fetish themes. I´m not shy to public nudity either, so you see me flashing in all kinds of places!"

Yet, if you’re into pissing, torture, piercing and alike fetish, don’t look for it at Alison Angel’s site. Well, this natural beauty is calling only for worshipping, and if you’re a true connoisseur of youthful charms you would hate to spoil such tender skin or treat the girl with disrespect!

Now, I’d like to tell a few words about the set I loved above all. It’s a shoot made by the pool - My rubber duckie (Chapter 67 Volume II). Well, I really enjoy watching girls in skimpy bikinis fooling by the water. But Alison is a special one, what with her naturally beautiful body and this impressive set of D-cup boobs! She looks really gorgeous, and I guess you’ll like watching her posing by the pool and playing with her funny duckie toy as much as I liked it. You may get a glimpse of a glistening booty as she’s plunging into the blue water. But when she pushes the top of her bikinis aside and strips her bottoms the real fun begins. Her duckie toy plays some active part too!

Croco´s Opinion

So, I guess any fan of naturally lovely and divinely shaped girls will find Alison Angel’s site very appealing. It seems her boobs play the key role in every set. Well, the girl’s rack is certainly worth it!


As to the site navigation system – it’s absolutely simple and clear (you won’t need a trained guide, I promise you). All videos are available in 2 formats wmv and divx, as to photos they offer a zip option. And there are no download limits, so you can save whatever you like to your hard drive and keep it forever!

Pricing Policy

As to the signup price, it’s quite affordable: just $24.95 for a month or $49.95 for a three months membership. It’s almost nothing for the quality and joy you’ll get instead!

So don’t try to jerk off to my description, check the site yourself! Soon you gonna be Alison-addicted! :)

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